Ultimate Bug-Proof Clothing for kids


May 4, 2012 by admin

Maybe we don’t get big enough mosquitos around here, but I’ve never seen anything like this on a toddler and I’m almost tempted to find a place to go just so we can wear it.

We do need some bug repellent clothing though this summer and I’m debating a few options.  Has anyone use bug-repellent clothing before?  Does it work?


  1. Mrs. Jenny K says:

    I’ve never used bug repellant clothing but am interested in it. BabyLegs has two of the leg/arm warmers for $15 each. I was tempted but my husband screwed up his face at that. He assured me the kids would not want to wear leg/arm warmers on their bodies in the hot summer. That suit is crazy.

    • eckids says:

      That’s so cool that babylegs makes bug repellant arm warmers. I’m going to have to look into those. My guys love their babylegs.

  2. Sonja Key says:

    My poor son is a mosquito magnet, but I don’t think I’d dress him in that. I like the mosquito face wipes by Off.

  3. The mosquitos really have to be pretty bad to warrant a jacket like that. I had to buy a bug jacket for my teenage daughter before a grade 9 wilderness camping trip in Northern Ontario. She even wore the thing to sleep in but still managed to come home covered in mosquito bites!

  4. […] while full body mosquito armor would be awesome in reality it’s not practical for most of our travel or daily life.  I’ve been using […]

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