Stripes, uniforms and a change of scenery, perhaps?


May 9, 2012 by admin

Thank goodness stripes seem to be on trend right now because I’m being forced to wear a lot of stripes around the house.  Why?  Because I’m a referee.  And not in the sense of mom refereeing life with twins but because the duo wants me to be an actual hockey referee.

So if this is my uniform can I choose some new frocks?  (thank goodness when you search “stripes” on jcrew, you get like 146 results.  Options are good.)

Maybe we can take our hockey game to the beach?

Or I could wear this one for a more nautical game.  (Or do the stripes always need to be black and white?  I’m not sure the rules.)

This one works for a game at the park.

But this very Parisian one? It just might sneak its way into a suitcase sans les bebes for a trip all on it’s own avec moi.

And who would be the referee then?


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