Do I dare buy this chair?


May 14, 2012 by admin

I have the perfect spot picked out for this chair on my deck so I can read and relax in the summer but I’m scared the guys are going to use it as a trapeze bar/rope swing/vehicle for death-defying acts.  How do I know this?
We went to the Om Culture kid’s playtime a couple weeks ago and it’s full of swinging machines and things that bounce: rope swings, trapeze bars, little belly swings that you can swing and fly around on and trampolines.  (Not sure how you might use these in yoga, but they were all pretty cool.)  I couldn’t even snap one good picture: the guys were a blur of movement and smiles.

Then the Bean decided he would fly from a trapeze bar to a trampoline.  He was unsuccessful (bouncing off the metal side of a trampoline) and ultimately let the whole neighborhood know with his wails.  (You should know by now we are not very Om-like or graceful in this family.)  But despite nearly paralyzing himself, (or so we both thought at the time) he is still trying to hang from his knees on anything he can climb on

and the boys are begging me to go back.  (I will when I get confirmation from my friends that I have not been added to the “over-dramatic-crazy-not-serene-at-all-don’t let this momma in” list.).  Both boys want to be just like the “girl in the giant O” from last week’s Recess Monkey performance and I need to get my bravery on.

So I’m wondering how long this chair will last on my deck.   And should I install a trapeze bar while I’m at it?


  1. Mrs. Jenny K says:

    oh H-E-double-hockey-sticks No! You can’t get this chair until they’ve left for college. or maybe not even until they get married.

  2. Dortha Necaise says:

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