King Tut with and without kids

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May 25, 2012 by admin

We were invited to a member’s opening for King Tut at the Pacific Science Center and I was totally excited.  I talked the kids up: I pointed out the posters all over Seattle.  I told them all about King Tut’s sparkly gold.  I thought it would be as magical for them as Gaugain at the Seattle Art Museum.  What I forgot to do was my kid-friendly research: tombs are dark places and there was a little movie (1 minute tops!) in the darkened beginning of the entry room.  This did not bode well for the kid who hates movies/darkness/confined spaces and when the door closed it was game over.  I didn’t want to make a scene so I decided that was enough of King Tut for that day and came back today with the hubby. (PS I found a great babysitter on Urbansitter a new site for finding/scheduling sitters and she was a life-saver!  This might be my new go-to find a sitter in a pinch site.)

I’m so glad we went without my guys because now I know what to show them when we do take them although I think they might still be a little young. (We have had a lot of circle of life questions since we went fishing a couple weeks ago and this would probably put them over the top.  I think King Tut might be more of a 5 and up type of exhibit.)   It was nice to get to see everything and actually read and take it all in without having to translate, explain or stop little hands from trying to grab things.  The movie clips and explanations scattered throughout the exhibit were entertaining and informative as well-we took a lot longer going through than I thought we would.  (I studied a lot about ancient Egypt when I was teaching so I found it so amazing seeing all these artifacts in real life!  And in my city! I was in my nerd element.)

Of course, the things I found most interesting were the necklaces and jewellery:

They remind me of some jewels I’ve had my eyes on from Baublebar.  (I can’t wait till they’re back in stock)

And these too!

And I couldn’t help but giggle over the ancient potty.

But I won’t spoil the exhibit with anymore pics.  I think you need to see it for yourself if you’re in Seattle and if you set the scene right for your little ones, (maybe this book will help?) they will probably find it entertaining too.  I’m still in awe of how lucky we are to have such beautiful ancient artifacts visiting us for a little while.  (King Tut will be here until January 6th.  Maybe by then we’ll be able to convince the scared one this is something very cool he might want to see.)

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