10 thoughts running through my head when I run

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I’ve been running just over two months now, and it’s been long enough to make it almost a habit.  I’m up to 5 minutes running 2 minutes walking for about 45 minutes about 3+ times a week so that’s about an hour and a half where I just zone out, feel strong, run my route and muse.  Surprisingly, I don’t hate it as much as I did initially and I can’t believe how far I can run now.  It’s actually okay.

Some things I’ve learned and thought about:

1) The best time for moms to start running is the first day of Daylight Savings time.  Run after you put the kids to bed until dark and you’ll start with an easy 15 minutes.  Keep up the same plan-put the kids to bed, then run-and by June you’ll be running over an hour.  (At least that’s my plan and so far it’s working!  Half-marathon, here I come!)

2) I might like to paint my house this “Dark Sea” color.  So many houses in the neighborhood are going this color and it’s catchy.  I also want new house numbers, but you knew that already.

3) I don’t think the shoes you buy for running are as important as the socks you buy for running.  I bought a pair of shoes from a fancy running store that made me run on some machine that measured my steps/arches/gullibility and maybe I’m bitter because they told me my feet are a size bigger than I thought they were (they’re NOT!) but my favorite runners (not the specialty ones) and these socks I bought at REI do just fine.

4) I choose routes based on plant smells and dogs.  Last month there were lots of cherry blossoms and I loved how gloriously perfume-y it smelled when I ran on certain streets.  And on one street there is frequently a dog convention of big dogs and their owners so I will run two blocks out of my way to avoid being a spectacle.

5) I also refuse to run by a house that has this weird doll thing in front of it.  You only see the back of the doll and I don’t think it has a face, but I always think it’s a real kid and it creeps me out.  This makes me wonder why people choose the lawn/yard ornaments that they do.

6) If I had a fountain in front of my house, I probably would want to pee all the time.

7) I want orange shoes like Eddie Johnson and I’m thinking about these.

8) My waterproof Dior mascara does not hold up on runs as well as my waterproof Cover Girl Last Blast mascara.

9) You really shouldn’t wear mascara at all in case a bug gets in your eye and bites it.  I think this might have happened on a recent run.  Apparently it’s happened to to other people too.

10) If a raccoon gets in your path, should you stare it down or run away?  (The boys say take a picture, but I ran really fast.)

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