June Workout Wantlist

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June 2, 2012 by admin

My friend pulled this out of her purse the other day

and the green-eyed monster in me surfaced, which made me realize that it’s June and I get to make a new workout want-list since I’ve seriously been working out.   This phone case is perfect for those days I just want to go to the gym and store and don’t want to bring my whole wallet and it might stop me from leaving credit cards and my license everywhere.  And then I thought about what other “new-technology” things might be able to help me out and I found this phone charger that uses running energy for power:  I love it when things have multiple uses and this definitely would be a workout related purchase.






I’m curious about these hair bungees I saw on Birchbox because I have such thick hair and I’m constantly looking for ways to keep it off my forehead/out of my eyes when I run.  I hope I get them in my next box so I can try them out.

And I do want to splurge on this hat for some summer-time adventures.  It’s not the cutest, but it claims to be bug-free (which I’m going to need!) and I like the company that makes it (Exofficio) because of the way it gives back to the community.  (Wish more companies would follow suit.)

Which brings me to my last big want.  More Toms. (Definitely another company that gives back.)  And I think I might go vegan this time.




I heart these shoes.  Happy exercising!

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