Homemade Yogurt

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Voila.  Homemade Yogurt that did not kill anyone.

The hubby was quite skeptical of my homemade yogurt and still hasn’t tried it so I’m refusing to buy store-bought until he caves.  I even made the topping thanks to my lovely friend S’s rhubard compote recipe. (The citrus one is truly divine.)

Yogurt is so easy that even the boys can help make it. I bought the machine of course because I didn’t want fermenting milk jar disasters anywhere. (Although that sounds a little like the horrors you find when you’re nursing/feeding baby twins.  An errant milk bottle under our bed went past the yogurt stage and upon discovery months later we ended up buying a whole new bed.  But that seems like a life-time ago.)

You pretty much just heat 42 oz of milk to 185 degrees.  Cool it to about 110-113 degrees.  Sprinkle it with yogurt starter (Eeeew. Bacteria.) and mix it.










Then you put it in the fancy machine and let it incubate for 7-10 hours.

Put it in the fridge and pop the lids on and the next day you’ll have yummy yogurt for breakfast.  If you don’t make the fancy compote it also tastes nice with honey.  And yes, it does taste better than store-bought.  But that’s my opinion.

(PS. If you don’t have a machine this recipe says you can make it in a thermos.  Go ahead brave one.  I’m going to try and make mine into yogurt pops in my Zoku if we ever get a sunny day in Seattle. Please stop doing that rain-dance whoever you are.)



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