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June 19, 2012 by admin

Whoever said “taking candy from a baby” was easy probably never actually let the baby lick the lollypop.  And taking candy from three-year-olds who are well-schooled in candy is just disaster.  So imagine my surprise when my guys gave their lollypops up willingly to make their own (free!) granola at the PCC Kid Picks truck at the Fremont Fair.  And then they ate their granola made of coconut flakes, papayas, oats, and banana chips quite happily for a good while and totally forgot about their crack candy.

I have always thought of the PCC market fondly.  But now I am in pure and total love.  Thank you, thank you, thank you for providing yummy healthy and fun food choices for kids.  (You can guess where I’ll be making a conscious effort to buy more groceries now….)


  1. We love! PCC. They always allow for one free piece of fruit per child per visit and all the cashiers at all the stores are always amused when I usually end up confessing to the +1 pieces of fruit that they devour. (Conversely, B&C gobbled up two peaches at Safeway and I brought a spare so she could weigh it and boy was that cashier snippy. Humph.) I also think PCC has the best fruit ever.

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