Super Easy Sock Puppets


June 28, 2012 by admin

This is one of those crafts that is so easy you don’t even need glue or scissors.  I’d be tempted to take all the supplies out of the box and put it in my carry-on for an easy travel activity for my almost 4-year olds. I bought this craft kit for a decent price on (it’s 13.00 right now but I think I bought it for nearer to 10.) and left it for my hubby as a just in case of emergency fun activity for while I was away.

I came home to 3 adorable homemade sock puppets and that is fabulous-ness enough to make me want to buy the kit all over again.

(PS: I think you might be able to achieve similar results buying socks and foam stickers at a craft store, but it might end up being more pricey and you wouldn’t have it all in one convenient box.)


  1. Mrs. Jenny K says:

    Funny – I’m planning to make sock puppets today (if I don’t run out of time) in the hopes that they will help entertain the boys on our looooong road trip. I’m using a couple of old socks my husband doesn’t want anymore and some felt for eyes/mouth and yarn for hair. I bought 3 or 4 sheets of felt at .29 each and the yarn was about $5. The yarn will make lots more stuff, so I think this will be a very cheap project! The results won’t be as cute as yours but the babies won’t care. :-p

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