One good deed deserves another (a giveaway)


June 29, 2012 by admin

I always get excited when I see a Baublebar box on my front steps.  I love their jewellery and have a lot of fun ordering from their site.  This box contained an even more fabulous message:

I don’t even remember what I ordered, but I loved what they sent and I was head over heels over the fact that they took the time to actually hand-write a note AND threw in a bonus too.  Do you know how rare a gem businesses like these are nowadays??  Good behavior should be rewarded, so I would love to offer the bonus that I received to one of my readers.  It’s a gorgeous Cobblestone pendant with black stones on a silver chain.

Please comment below with something nice someone has done for you lately or maybe something randomly nice you’ve done for someone else and I’ll draw a name using a pick a number generator machine on Friday July 6th at 11:59pm . (Goodness knows the world needs more sunshine.) Happy Friday xoxo!!!


  1. franticfoodie says:

    My friend Amy came over and took care of the twins so I could sit down and eat dinner

  2. queenbee says:

    My hubby cooked dinner, bathed our son, and put him to bed so I could rest and try to kick the nausea that has been following me through my first trimester! He has been such a rock star lately!

    • eckids says:

      Love it when the hubbys cook! Crossing fingers for the nausea stage to be over soon:) Hope you have a great 4th too:)

  3. I had a friendly stranger help us with stuff as we maneuvered through security sans daddy…

  4. Nina says:

    One morning two weeks ago, while I was getting ready for the day, I walked out of the bathroom to see that my bed had been made (duvet + throw pillows!) by my five year old. It was such a small thing, but a surprise indeed that made my day!

  5. Al says:

    My husband has started cooking dinners on Mondays so I get a day off from the stove. And he’s learning to make meals from cookbooks so they’re not scary bachelor-style dinners.

  6. Kallie B says:

    How lovely! We’re new to Seattle, and on a Sunday after leaving church, we stopped at a Starbucks drive through. It had been a difficult morning, as our daughter is not only three, but was just transplanted across the entire country (from Florida), away from all of her loved ones and everything familiar. Her behavior has been…colorful and difficult. Anyway, the people in the car in front of us had paid for our drinks when we got to the window! No one has ever done anything like that for us before. We were floored, and it helped us put things in perspective, and feel supported in some small way. It was such a lovely surprise and welcome to our new city.

    • eckids says:

      Welcome to Seattle:) Love that you’re getting some sun this week! Hope the transition is getting easier and that is a very cool Starbucks experience!

  7. Tara C says:

    The other day at the coffee shop, my three year old dropped her steamed milk all over the floor. As she promptly burst into tears, my friend bought her a new one and helped clean up the mess, so I could calm the tears. So nice to have an understanding friend!

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