Happy Canada Day


July 1, 2012 by admin

Do you hear the sound of all those happy whales sirening in the ocean?  No?   Well the ocean is a little far and thank goodness I don’t hear them either (meaning, I’m actually sane and getting sleep) but I’m sure if the whales knew that Seattle was banning plastic bags as of July 1st, they would be overjoyed.  I’ve been a little partial to this cause since going to the Science Center and seeing all the awful things they found in a whale’s stomach including dozens and dozens of billowy plastic bags.   I’m celebrating this momentous occasion by buying these awesome bags I saw Emily using in her kitchen on the Bachelorette. (Thanks Emily! I am a little addicted to my Monday night tv.)

The best thing I think I’m going to love about them is that they’re washable because I saw an awful report about Ecoli in reusable bags and it made me want these bags even more.  It really is going to be weird not seeing plastic in stores (what are we going to use to store swimsuits in now???) but I really do hope it helps our environment and our animal friends.  I hope other places follow this move too-I’m so proud of my city.

I’ll also be showing a little love to the motherland on July 1st.

Happy Birthday Canada.  Thank you for friends, family, lululemon, hockey, polar bears, nanaimo bars, maple syrup and dreams of healthcare coverage for all!


  1. […] love.  Right honey? I know how much you *love* when I make messes crafts.)  After celebrating Canada day, I’m trying to help them with their country symbols but it is very difficult to explain the […]

  2. […] The best part is that there is a shiny-new Starbucks on the bottom floor, so you can grab a drink to tote with you while you drive away with bags full. (I still find it so weird to put my Target purchases in all my assortment of bags.  I’m missing those old red and white bullseyes even though this is so much better for the environment.) […]

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