Best 2 buck souvenir you can buy in Seattle


July 6, 2012 by admin

One thing my guys look for at every Seattle festival is the Center For Wooden Boats station.  I think there was one at last year’s Folklife Festival and there was definitely one at the South Lake Union Block Party.  (It’s happening in a few weeks on August 10th!)  This year we built ours at the Family 4th event and I think this station definitely made our 4th a day to remember.  My guys looked so proud picking out their boats, figuring out that they float better if you put corks on the side, and deciding what type of sail to add.  And it was so cool that our whole family had to work together to construct these little ships.

We’ve already been back with our boats to the little pond in the middle of Lake Union Park.  I love how sailing little boats on water just feels so simple, perfect and calm. ( Even with two wiggly little boys in tow. ) And yes, this souvenir was two dollars-just half the price of a fancy latte or frilly greeting card.  There is a lot of love in this house for the Center for Wooden boats and the gorgeous Lake Union Park.  (And there’s been noticeably less goose poop there the past few days! LOVE!)





  1. What a great activity – sailing boats is so much more fun when you’ve constructed them yourself!

  2. Allison says:

    That looks like a great family activity! My kids would love it. I would have to hold myself back from taking over their projects.

  3. […] And they love peering into shop windows.  The Clover Toys window had some amazing wooden boats that I know are going on the Christmas list for sailing at our favorite pond. […]

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