Wine and a Fitting (Thank you Wacoal!)

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July 9, 2012 by admin

All this Paris freedom is getting to my head.  A few days after I got back, I was invited to a Wacoal bra-fitting at a local hotel.  I have never in a million years had a bra-fitting and after all my up and down feelings about my post-baby body, I almost flat-out deleted the email.  But the idea of doing it as a “blogger” was intriguing and I’ve heard so many good things about Wacoal bras, so I replied with a yes and headed off to the tenth floor of the Pan Pacific Seattle hotel. (I now know why my sister-in-law thinks this is such a fantastic hotel to stay at btw-it’s gorgeous!)

And if this is how I first got fitted for a bra I would totally have been a bra connoisseur from the start instead of a wear-one-because-I-need-one kind of girl.  Yummy drinks.  Sweet snacks.  Pretty flowers. Lovely local bloggers. (Among them: Andrea from Skinnypurse,  Keridwyn from Seattle Pockets and Jenny from Hank and Hunt.) And a gorgeous view of Seattle. (PS it was one of our rare and precious magical sunny evenings!)

I instantly fell in love with so many of the colorful patterns hanging in the room.  (A lot of really fun patterns were in their B-tempt’d line.  I especially loved their Daisy Loop and Cayenne patterns and the Parisienne was really cute too. )

But the highlight of the event was definitely the fitting.  I was quite terrified about this part from the moment I stepped into the beautiful room.  But Nancy, the lovely Fit Expert, was definitely an expert.  She made me feel calm, comfortable and taken care of while she helped me figure out my bra situation and chatted to me about life.  (And my fear of my post-baby body was the least of my worries as she showed me the fabulous bras my new body could wear.)

It turns out, I really needed a lot of help.  The bras Nancy helped fit me in were amazingly more comfortable than anything I currently own.  And people like her actually exist in real-life.  I had no idea that there are bra experts waiting to help size me correctly in most department store fitting rooms.  The funniest thing I learned from her is that those little bra inserts they put in push up bras are called “cookies.”

So now, I’m a fan for life and I’ve already ordered a couple of my favorites online.  I was also totally excited to see the Embrace Lace Contour bra in the Nordstrom Anniversary sale catalog.  (It starts July 11th if you’re a cardholder or July 20th for the rest of you!)

(FYI-I was promised a bra to attend the event but was not required to write a review.  These views are my own biased notations on life and when I decide I like something, I can’t help but blab about it: Wacoal you are the first bra company in my 29-ish years to actually get me sized properly and I can’t thank you enough!)

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