Fab Find: Tomy Constructables

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I. Hate. Cleaning.  I don’t really know why I bother at all.  Messes in a house with kids just seem to happen the minute you make things spotless and then you have to clean them up again and it’s such a vicious cycle that I think would be so much better if you just stopped at the cleaning part.  Like right now, I’m supposed to be cleaning the bathroom, but then I thought of  one good reason why cleaning might be the slightest bit okay and I got a bit distracted.  So here it is:

Cleaning is okay when you can trade your junk for someone else’s.

And I thought of this on the way to clean the bathroom because I tripped over the Tomy Constructables I bought while at a consignment store getting rid of some clothes that my guys have outgrown that were cluttering up my garage.  I remember seeing these toys a few weeks ago while shopping at Top Ten Toys (a toy store that I LOVE!) and wondered if they were any good.  And then while I was waiting at Childish Things to find out if my stuff was worth anything, I saw them: two boxes for 5.99 each!  The amount I earned in store credit from my kids’ used clothing more than covered that price, so these were technically free!

We took them home and the guys set to work building them.  And yes, I had to help.  But these toys became instantly cool because the same toy could turn into a car, a train, a helicopter and a plane and each time the toy transformed the boys had a fresh 10 minutes of entertainment. And then the hubby came home and actually read the box they came in and figured out they use batteries and can actually move on their own.  Instantly these are my favorite toys ever.  And I just found out they come in dinosaur shapes too!

So I will eventually get to cleaning the bathroom.  But it so much more worth it to clean out closets.  Especially when you can fill them again.

(PS-Childish things is a great place to consign stuff because they give you an instant price your stuff is worth.  Then you can choose cash or store credit and they even have new things in their store you can buy with credit. They do seem pretty picky with what they buy but I guess that means they also sell good quality things.)

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