Perfect gift for new mom of twins


July 12, 2012 by admin

I saw something like this advertised for people who camp and don’t have a shower:

It’s pretty much a giant wet-wipe and you don’t have to rinse off afterward.  The website says the large towelettes “permit anyone to bathe in full when the option of taking a bath/shower is unavailable.”  It made me think of another group of people who don’t get to bathe that often and thought it would have made a spectacular shower gift.  Thank goodness the baby days are over!

PS: I would love to know the longest twin mommas went without a shower in the early days.  Any brave mommas out there want to share?


  1. heather v says:

    full disclosure: i still only get to wash my hair once a week, and the quickie shower that i insist on every two- three days often happens with the bathroom door open and kid screams wafting in…!

    • eckids says:

      I am in love with dry shampoo since having the guys and I so don’t have a 3rd one as an excuse;) Thanks for stopping and sharing hvk. Miss you tons!

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