A little bit of Hawaii in Seattle


July 25, 2012 by admin

Maybe if your kids are in Zoo Camp you have a few minutes for yourself.  I took a moment to pretend I was alone in Hawaii at nearby Fresh Flours.

Hello Pineapple Coconut Danish delight (washed down with an Americano to keep me grounded in Seattle.)  It was crispy, buttery and delicious and I didn’t need to fly over an ocean to feel momentary peace.

I actually have no idea what a child does at zoo camp by the way because the guys would never tell me when I asked them on the drive home.  They totally adored the camp.  They loved their shirts.  They loved their “sweet teachers.”  They couldn’t wait to get there in the morning.  I had to wait for them to feed me little tidbits while we did other things in the afternoons.  It’s funny how kids are when they are in control of information.  “That’s not how you feed birds, mom.  You use seed sticks.” Oh, I guess they fed birds.  And a few hours later: “Owls can turn their heads around all the way but we can’t.” Oh.  And at dinner: “The ostriches were hiding today.” Oh I can see how this is going to play out in the next few years.

Thank goodness for my Pineapple Coconut Danish delight.  And running shoes.  (And zoo camp for making this all possible. )



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