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July 25, 2012 by admin

Yes, you know what I’m talking about.  It’s red and white and shiny all over!  And we had a bunch of errands to run this morning so we headed to my new money swallowing hole Seattle CityTarget to see how shopping in our city is going to be.

The parking is free if you buy 20 dollars (Um, yes, that’s easy.)  But we came so close to having to pay: I think we got in at 9:03 and left at 10:01.  And the only reason why it took so long is because my guys were obsessed with the cart escalator.  There are three floors so we got to push our cart in the up escalator twice and the down escalator twice and that was still not enough for them-we still had to watch everyone else with a cart push them up and down the escalator too! The guys could probably stand there all day watching carts, so this more than made up for the fact that there were no double shopping carts.  (I’m sorry double twin mommas with babies, but this probably won’t be a shopping oasis for you yet.)

The view from the top floor is quite nice and so bright and glassy it made me feel like I was truly shopping in the city.

And these were not on my shopping list today and I’m still not sure about the Mickey one, but the boys insisted. I do love the ears and I doubt they will willingly choose to wear cute things like these for very much longer so we will probably keep them. (and every-time they where them my heart will probably melt.)

I also ended up buying some colorful socks because the display was like a candy bar and right near the escalator and there was a greeter standing right beside them smiling her head off and they were $1.50!  Oh the salespeople today were super-helpful.  (It made for such a nice shopping trip! I hope this is something that continues-It’s so nice to see smiley people when you shop!)

The best part is that there is a shiny-new Starbucks on the bottom floor, so you can grab a drink to tote with you while you drive away with bags full. (I still find it so weird to put my Target purchases in all my assortment of bags.  I’m missing those old red and white bullseyes even though this is so much better for the environment.)

And now our city is perfect.


  1. Danielle says:

    yeaaaaaaaah! I need stuff! I want to get it from my shiny new target too:)

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