Peek…something wonderful you can still get at Nordstrom’s sale


July 29, 2012 by admin

I’m a big sucker for famous quotes, interesting facts and sayings that tug at your heartstrings, so I know I’ve talked about Peek clothing before, but I love how they are kind of nerdy chic for little kids.  I couldn’t help but swoop these t-shirts up at Nordstroms because they are super soft, have no tags and have such powerful messages.  (Especially for boys.  Can I tell you how tired I am of seeing ugly skull stuff and army print!!!)

I know the sale is almost over and it’s getting to the last pickings in a lot of the good stuff but this is a decent price for Peek.  (I also like to check out the actual Peek website, because you can sometimes find some really good deals in the sale section!  And they usually put little bouncy balls in their packaging so it’s so fun when the shipment arrives.)

My favorite part about this clothing is talking to my guys about what their shirts actually say and mean.  One of the guys is really into space right now, so we can talk about Gallileo and the Gandhi quote is one of my favorites ever.  (I really wish they made this one in my size.)


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