Recess Monkey Mania: In Tents on Youtube


August 9, 2012 by admin

My guys have been obsessed with the Recess Monkeys since we went to In Tents a couple months ago.  And on a recent car-trip we found something truly amazing that adds to the whole Northwest Recess Monkey experience.  The guys were getting antsy so I tried to distract them with the Popcorn You Tube video, and I found (drum roll please…….) the whole In Tents performance as a video!  The guys were mesmerized and appeased, the car trip was saved and I developed some even more serious Recess Monkey love.  I can’t thank these guys enough. ( Seriously, we are so lucky to have such amazing kindie-bands in the Northwest.)

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  1. […] It was fun hearing a couple of the new songs live and I got the giggles as the Recess Monkeys turned the whole crowd into a mini-moshpit with their “Popcorn” song from their last album: In Tents. […]

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