BOBS-what is your story exactly?


August 13, 2012 by admin

We just got home from holidays and I was going through the massive mail pile when something caught my eye in the Kohls flier:

I own a pair of silver sparkly shoes just like the one in the picture.  Only mine are by a brand named TOMS, not BOBS, and the blatant similarity caught me off-guard.  I love TOMS because they give shoes and other things to those in need (which these BOBS apparently do too) and because they’re so comfortable. After I saw these new BOBS I was curious who TOM was so I googled him and found out from this interview that he could really be anyone and it’s a derivative of “TOMORROW” (as in a better tomorrow), and that the founder of TOMS is actually a guy named Blake who seems pretty amazing.  *swoon*

So what about BOB?  Apparently he’s been around for a while. (Seriously? How did I miss this one?)  And while I don’t applaud Skechers copying the TOMS idea, maybe if they modified this one:

Or this one:

Or just used one great sparkly idea of their own:

AND gave them to those in need of shoes, I might just line up. (Because that giving back part of TOMS, that is the clincher. Please please please copy and expand upon the giving back idea all you like.)


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