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August 28, 2012 by admin

Maybe you didn’t have this conversation at 2 in the morning:
“Mommy!!!! I did pee!”
And then moments later from the other bed across the room: “I did too!”
Add a re-peeeet at 4:30am (what was this-a preschool pee-off????) and somehow I even washed and dried a full load of bed-linen in between. But, I guess that’s why even though the sun was shining brightly outside at 2pm today and the sprinkler in the backyard might have been enticing, I knew I was going to drag my munchkins to High5 Pie so I could get a slice of pie during the Mommy and Me pie time (2-5pm every Monday).  This was a do or die (if no pie) situation.

I thought parking might be a bit crazy on Capitol Hill.  It wasn’t.  I got a two dollar an hour spot right across the street and my usual freebie parking two blocks away (not letting that secret out of the bag) was totally empty too. (Today was not a walking day.  I needed pie immediately.)

When we arrived the place was pretty empty-I think everyone else was out enjoying the sun.  But, it was inviting and cheery and the store itself was wide-open enough we could have brought the double-wide stroller in if it we were still in the twin baby days.  (I so wish this mommy and me idea was around then!).  Today they even had free pie.
The kids colored. Munched. Played with toys. And munched.
I blissfully read a magazine (and bookmarked a must-read from Septembers’ Real Simple-a remedy for my oven disaster.  What a week, right?)

On Mommy Mondays a latte and a slice of pie can cost as little as 4 bucks (a drink is free with a slice of pie.  Mine was a 12-ounce non-fat latte and the pie snuck it’s way home in my bag.)

So will we be back? Most definitely.  Especially on a sunny Monday with magical in-front-of-store parking.  So please don’t tell your friends, and if you must, I do love Us weekly and People. (I’ll bring Real simple and In Style).


  1. hipfoodiemom says:

    Hi there! Love this post! I just found you on Twitter. . when we got there yesterday, it was also pretty empty but the girls loved coloring and sipping their apple juice and I got to enjoy a piece of Blueberry Lemon pie. It was divine. . I also nibbled on the free apple pie they had for the kids! 🙂 Hope to run into you one day soon! Oh, and I also got rock star parking across the street. what time were you there?

  2. Lynette says:

    I’m a pie fiend, love this! Too bad weare so far away!

  3. […] her Spicy Apple.  Last night I went to a pie making class at A la Mode pies (I guess I’m very into pie lately) and oh it was so much fun:)  We learned to make three pies: a marionberry, a spiced apple pie, […]

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