If a tree falls on a car in Costa Rica…

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Somewhere along our Costa Rica travels this summer, we saw this unfortunate incident right after it happened.  Who would expect a tree branch to fall on your car when you park it in a parking lot?  It hadn’t been especially rainy or windy and this was definitely a freak accident and thank goodness no one was hurt.

Tree falls on car in costa rica

We saw a bunch of people go to help remove the tree branches and the hubby was immediately thankful he said yes to the “pays for everything even if the car comes back destroyed by you” insurance that he had debated getting and we all crossed our fingers and hope this car’s owner did the same.  We always plan for adventures when we travel but this was a reminder to plan for unexpected mis-adventures, not just in travel but when we get home too.  It is always hard to choose what kind of insurance to get but this is an example where peace of mind also needs to factor into the price as well.

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