On Bean Sprouts “kale-ing” it on its opening weekend

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September 4, 2012 by admin

How glad am I that Bean Sprouts Cafe is finally open?  I love that Seattle finally has a place totally food-minded for our little two-legged friends.  (Yes, we’ve had doggie bakeries for years, but I think this is the first of its kind solely for kids!)  As we watched it being built I wasn’t sure what to expect:

But on Bumbershoot weekend we heard a little gong-sound in Seattle Center and toodled over to see.  It was open!!!  I really wanted my guys to try the turkey flower shaped sandwich, and they didn’t have the piano-shaped sunflower butter sandwich that day, but Leelee had his heart set on a wazzle: A cheese-y pizza made with a waffle and I couldn’t sway him.  It came with a choice of sides: fruit or hummus or couscous or something.  It wasn’t really up to me- Leelee sauntered up to the child-sized counter and pointed out what he wanted from the colorful picture menu.  And he was so proud.
(Thank you!)

We had a sample of chocolate hummus and rang some-kind of gong thing for trying a new food.  It’s a little gimmicky but I love how this place celebrates healthy eating, being adventurous and helping kids become independent.  And apparently they’re even making a play cafe in the Children’s Museum so the kids can pretend they’re making Beansprouts food.  So now I have way too many options when I eat at Seattle Center and so do the guys.  Beansprouts, I wish you best of luck!  (Again, why couldn’t this have been around when the duo was in its baby stage.  I saw they even have baby food on their menu.  So cool. Baby mommas rejoice!)

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