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September 9, 2012 by admin

Not for them, for me.  After a summer of facebooking/instagramming/pinteresting chasing the kids around the park I thought I better actually attempt some other momma face-time to try and get to know the people in my kids’ classes.  So just in case when I hand my kids off at school or at classes and my eyes zone automatically to my little portable screen, I’m going to keep this on bookmark so I’ll remember to keep my head up:
1) instead of covertly taking a picture of the other momma’s purse/jacket/accessory and googling it later: say this “I like your…… Where did you get it?

2) Wow! Your kid seems so (pick one honestly: cute, energetic, happy, sweet, smiley, brave) and wait to learn a little about my guys’ new classmate.

3) So have you seen any good recipes/crafts/house ideas on Pinterest?

4) hi.  *smile* (not creative but has worked for centuries.)

Seriously, when I see kids make friends so easily at the park, I know they’re going to be just fine.  It’s us mommas that seem to have it just a little a harder.  Any more momma lines to help out for preschool?








PS. We LOVE Scaredy Squirrel Makes a Friend.  It’s hilarious.  I hope we’re as good as Scaredy Squirrel at making friends this year.


  1. I totally hear you with trying to be more in-flesh social! It’s so hard to do so! I like these tips.

    I do make sure I acknowledge others in my surrounding be it in my apartment community grounds, Safeway, and even at a stoplight. Every little interaction matters!

  2. Danielle says:

    oooo, love the new layout! I’ve been reading it on my email-when did you switch over?

    And you’re right about in-the-flesh social awkwardness–especially here in Seattle. I guess I’m always a fan of making the first move a few times (like after the chat, asking for a phone number.) It reminds me a little of dating and I’ve been shot down a few times, but I figure it is the best way to keep things from always being politely casual and taking the leap to becoming friends:)

    • eckids says:

      Oh thanks Danielle! I think I switched a couple weeks ago-I’m still getting used to how to put in pics though. Mom meetups are so like dating;)

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