First Day of School


September 11, 2012 by admin

For them:

For me:









And yesterday’s little sprinkle of rain reminded me they’ve outgrown their rainboots.  I’m debating these:

or these:

I’ll be buying one pair in green and one pair in yellow.  Please weigh in.  I’d love some help.


  1. I’ve always wanted Hunter boots-not familiar with the other cuz I’m probably out of it- but the British Wellies (Hunter) are supposed to be great-they don’t leak, apparently. I’ve been trying to find them in adult sizes.

    PS- got the UGG wellies for L and I in black this fall in Bellis Fair-they have fur inside, though- so not sure how waterproof, etc. they are……

    • eckids says:

      I have Hunters and love them, but my feet don’t grow….it’s so hard to know if they’re worth it for the guys. The fur lining is totally worth it and they are still definitely waterproof.

  2. Lynette says:

    I would definitely go with the hunters. We got ours at Nordstrom about a year ago and they haven’t sprung a leak yet, and they wear them ALL THE TIME! Rain or Shine. At this rate the kids are outgrowing before they blow out. Before, we had purchased the character ones e.g. Thomas etc. But within a 2 months, the boots were leaking. 🙁 The Hunters have definitely held their own. I just wish Hunter made some for adults with the extended shaft so I could be cool and wear boots like the boys. But alas, my larger than life calf muscles have again made me a style problem child.

  3. I’d vote for the Hunters. They look more “grown up” than the crocs … but the practical pig in me wants to point out that the charming white stripe on the crocs won’t stay white v. long. so hunter gets my vote.

  4. […] good thing is I now have a full week to figure out their first day of school pictures.  I could drag the chalkboard outside again like last year but it’s since been […]

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