Five or so things I want at Uncommon Goods


September 13, 2012 by admin

Oh I’ve been purging the house of catalogs, but one that I love showed up the other day and I perused through it for hours.  I heart Uncommon Goods. There are so many things in this catalog, that I don’t really need, but just want want WANT.  (I’m taking note of some of these things for Christmas presents.)

Like a Mini Ice Cream Sandwich Press.

I have regular sized ones that I love.  But mini ones?  *swoon*

A Hand-Engraved Compass Necklace.

This is so perfect for travelers.  I don’t know how to use a compass or why I’d need one with GPS, but so beautiful and symbolic.  I’d love one with a little picture of a house at True North.

Tube Toys. 

These are absolutely ingenious.  The package is the toy. You can’t get more earth-friendly than this.

Oh and I’d love to send someone a Postcarden.

I’m really into growing things and this is just beautiful.  I love multi-use stationary.

And if I had a cat, this would be too awesome:







And I wonder what the hubby will say if I attach this on the back of his bike for his morning commute.









See, you totally don’t need them, but don’t you want them now?


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