Not my best day at the grocery store


September 21, 2012 by admin

You know those moments when you remember the care-free, sweet days you took for granted pre-kid(s) and you wish you could have saved them for those awful times that the planets align to turn your kids into alien monsters whose only mission is to make you want to scream in the parking lot of the grocery store?  It was that type of day.  I was also a little frazzled after the morning class I went to with the kids where I’d worn a dress by accident and I didn’t realize we’d be doing yoga-esque moves in front of a giant mirror.  And then we ran into an old preschool friend outside the school and as I was talking and catching up with their mom one of the boys had a pee emergency and I thought we could almost make it but then I ended up with pee on my shoe in the bathroom.  (Not mine of course.  And I was wearing TOMS)  So when we pulled up to the grocery store and saw not one but three of those awesome orange and yellow car carts that save mommas lives all over the world I was in absolute heaven.  Someone up there must definitely be looking out for me.  (These are the ones we found in Costa Rica.  They are EVERYWHERE!!!)

But my kids did not get the saving momma memo and all of a sudden the cars were not containment vehicles but garbage trucks that they needed to try and fill with things in the grocery store.  This was devastating because not only did I realize that my days with these cars are numbered, I was stuck in a grocery store with manic garbage car drivers who could not be controlled.  I frantically tried to herd my children, stop the garbage collecting and get out of the store.  And then we got to the checkout and there was a brawl inside the garbage truck/orange car/now-turned-police wagon and I had to break it up.  Thankfully I had managed to bring my grocery bags, so the sweet checkout lady and her helper began to bag my groceries as I stopped the kerfuffle.  And that is when the ultimate horrific grocery conversation began:

“What a great idea….”

“Yeah, I’d never think to bring in garbage bags.”

“You throw them out anyways….”

Garbage bags????!!!!  Somehow I had mistakenly grabbed a bag we used camping and it was filled with garbage bags.  But it was too late.  I tried to offer to pay for new bags.  I pleaded that they stop. I tried to empty the bags they’d filled to help fix the situation. But the speedy bagging duo head-nodded at the line that was forming behind me. I had to admit defeat and leave.

“Don’t worry, we didn’t put the milk in there.”

Yes, thank you.  Thank you very much.


  1. Mrs. Jenny K says:

    Really – I needed a laugh so badly today. We all know this sort of thing happens to all moms but it still feels so lonely when it happens to us, doesn’t it? The garbage bag part was the best. I can just imagine the mumbling and stuttering I’d have been doing!

  2. Lynette says:

    Oh my! We need days like that to truly appreciate the good days. But man they ARE trying! Congrats on getting through.

  3. hipfoodiemom says:

    I feel you sister. This story was awesome. At least no one gave you a look (or at least I hope not). I hate it when other moms look at you like you’re a terrible mom or your kids are crazy when your kids are acting up at the grocery store. I want to blurt out “what are you looking at?!” 🙂

  4. […] a big-box store after multiple activities that had gone rather well, but the guys started playing in-store garbage truck again and I started to get frazzled.  But we were on a mission: we needed to buy a little friend a […]

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