Sweater Season

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September 22, 2012 by admin

Has anyone started turning the heat on in the mornings yet? I’m so excited for hot chocolate and slipper weather.  The Seattle heatwave we had here was lovely, but after weeks with no clouds in the sky, I felt like we were losing our identity.  When it finally rains, like really rains, are we Seattle-ites umbrella people, or do we just brush those sun-drops off and flip our wet ponytails?  And I’m so excited about getting all cozy in sweaters.  This year the stores are full of too many cute ones, and I can’t wait to shop buy gather new find my old sweaters and bring them out of hiding.

If someone were in the mood to buy some new sweaters though this one that I think I saw on Rachel Berry on Glee last week would be so perfect.  I love Milly and this is so cute!

I love this one too and it’s from JCrew.  (I just don’t remember when JCrew started selling multi-hundred dollar sweaters???!!)

I’m thankful that this Madewell one is quite less expensive than my other faves.  I think the color-block stripe pattern is so sweet: hopefully one of these sneaks it way into my closet one day soon.

I did not want to look at Anthropologie because there stuff is too tempting.  Of course, there were too many things. I found this one to add to my stripey sweater collection.

And this one that has no stripes, but birds.

You need at least one bird sweater to live in the Northwest, right?  (PS, I wish I could pull off the paisley pants they paired it with.  Pretty amazing.)

Finally, this one is not a sweater, but I found it on my sweater hunt and it made me giggle.  There has to be some traveler in my life who needs this shirt.

When I no longer love my sweaters I wish I could make these lovely little sea animals made from sweaters.

But thank goodness there’s an etsy shop for that.  (This would make a great Christmas gift for some of the little in our life!)  So yay for sweater weather!  Is anyone else as excited as I am???

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