If you were in the market for an Origami stroller

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October 8, 2012 by admin

So my dad emailed me the other day and told me about the Origami Stroller he read about in the Globe and Mail.

Maybe it’s my sometimes one-baby envy because what kind of ridiculousness would the Origami-Elevated-Double-Decker look like for us multiple mommas or the repulsive emptiness in my wallet because I actually had to buy expensive strollers (because sticking two umbrella strollers with twine doesn’t really do it) but I can’t fathom buying a stroller for 849 dollars to look cool.

I’ve now sold/given away/trashed both my double strollers, my multiple snap’n’go strollers, my two umbrella strollers and re-purposed the rest of the twine I bought to tie them together with for a project I saw on pinterest(yeah, right.) If I did it all again in a one-baby world and had 849 dollars to spend, I’d buy this one and spend a bunch at the Tory Burch Friends and Family sale on this purse and have change to spare  (the sale ends tomorrow btw and it’s 25% off everything!).  Or, if I really needed that stroller, I’d probably buy it at a place like Babyearth where you can get 3% back on ebates.com, free shipping, and 5% back through the sites own rewards program making that stroller a steal at just under 8 hundred dollars.
(And while we don’t need to worry about stroller drama anymore, we’re now researching skis, helmets, hockey equipment and what to do if there’s a bleeding emergency from said sports, thank you very much.

PS. there you go dad.  Just under 800 bucks is the best I can do for that stroller.  Anyone else find it cheaper???? )

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