Always check your rental car BEFORE you get in

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Why is the hubby outside the car in the pouring rain? He actually has the waterproof camera in hand and he’s thoroughly checking every inch of our rental car and snapping pictures of things that don’t look brand new.

Always check your rental car before you drive away

This is the routine we have EVERYTIME we rent.  Yes, you have all those papers to sign and you can always talk to an agent to make sure everything is okay, but my smart hubby actually likes to document things so that when we bring the car back everything goes smoothly, especially in this era where it only takes a few minutes to snap some pics on your camera or phone.  This has saved us a bunch of grief, especially in places where the staff when we leave has said no worries about scratches we’ve seen when we’ve left the rental place and then the new staff when we return the car has thought WE made the scratches.  With smartphones nowadays, taking pictures of a rental takes only a few minutes and it can save a ton of headache in the long-run.

Snap photos of your rental car to help you

This time, this picture I took from INSIDE the car was very helpful.  This car was not filled to full when we left the rental place but we didn’t notice until we drove away. When we returned I mentioned it to the company and they kindly deducted some fees.

(PS. We do this when we go to Airbnb’s and hotels too.)

4 thoughts on “Always check your rental car BEFORE you get in

    1. I know! Most of the time, things work out, right? But luckily this kind of thing only takes a couple minutes nowadays and you can delete the pics when your trip finishes.

  1. I agree – great idea to take photos of the car before leaving the rental car lot! I’ll keep it in mind when we rent a car next time.

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