50 situps for 50 days


November 5, 2012 by admin

Anyone else care that it’s 50 days till Christmas?  This year, I’ve totally made a pact with myself that I’d exercise for health but sometimes that’s not enough incentive. (Although, I am approaching a milestone birthday, the one where I need to renew my driver’s license and I’d love to leave the weight part at the pre-baby one and if that’s not pressure, I’m not sure what is.)  So, I decided to book myself a trip and buy a bathing suit to go with it. In 50 days if I can do 50 situps and pushups everyday in addition to the runs I’m already doing, I’ve got my eyes on this cute little bikini that I know Santa will buy, wrap up and put it under the tree for me for that trip. I also found a romper to cover it up just in case I complete my goal, and I chicken out of actually wearing it in public.

If I don’t complete my goal, said suit will go to Goodwill making it a win/win for the public.  Hoping this shopping/exercise plan helps speed up my New Years’ Fitness goals.  Anyone else on board?  (PS. bikini shopping in December is so much better than shopping in spring because there’s still hope that you can get all that exercise in before summer;) )

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  1. […] PPS. I love the idea of classes as Christmas presents but I’m not sure if people would rather receive an experience or something more tangible and if it’s for a specific day, do you let them know ahead of time, or do you just book it?  I’m more and more aware there are less than 50 days till Christmas!) […]

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