Fun Seattle cooking classes to try

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There are many takes on being a SAHM (stay at home mom) and I’m kind of pretending it’s like a sabbatical from my old life so I can learn some life-skills I kind of ignored pre-kids.  I remember telling my grandma long ago that I had made some good meals and she laughed and asked me what new take-out place I’d found. So lucky for me, Seattle is full of foodies and people who cook, so since the kids are getting more independent I’ve been dabbling in some cooking classes.  It’s paying off because the kids ask me to make things like pancakes or french toast and I am getting better at whipping them up quickly-and because I’m having fun experimenting, we really enjoy cooking and eating together.

I’m really excited about an event tomorrow at Macys downtown because it features Thanksgiving cooking, one of my favorite bakeries (Dahlia Bakery) and the god of Seattle food himself, Tom Douglas.  I think there may still be spaces left (it’s free!) and I really hope he gives out some yummy cooking secrets.  (Like if he spills the beans on how to make his potato bread, we will definitely save some money in this house, because I think we buy at least like 50 loaves of this divine creation a year.)

I’ve also signed up for a couple free technique classes at Williams Sonoma.  Did you know you get 10% off in store if you do the class?  I’ve got my eye on a couple things I want and that discount will totally help.

And how is that I keep missing when the classes go up at Delancey, because I totally want to learn how to make pizza.  If anyone gets wind of when the class lists go up, please tell me because there is always a waiting list!  (PS if you do have a kid between 6-12 there’s an awesome looking parent/kid pasta class in March!)

And maybe you might not think this counts as “food”, but I’m so excited about the new dessert classes at Hotcakes Molten Cakery.  I totally want to learn how to make caramel sauces, tartines and truffles, so these classes are all definitely on my radar.

(PS. has anyone taken classes at Booklarder?  I keep meaning to stop in there-they look amazing too!

PPS. I love the idea of classes as Christmas presents but I’m not sure if people would rather receive an experience or something more tangible and if it’s for a specific day, do you let them know ahead of time, or do you just book it?  I’m more and more aware there are less than 50 days till Christmas!)

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