Apples to Apples

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November 19, 2012 by admin

If you talk to a random stranger intently squeezing persimmons in the produce aisle of Uwajimaya you learn how to pick the best persimmon.  You also learn that if you leave it next to an apple on your counter for a few days it’ll ripen faster than if you didn’t and you know it’s ripe when it’s as soft as a kiwi.

We’ll see.
As for another apple: has anyone kept one of these long enough to watch what happens when it ripens?

This was my old iPhone.  As in maybe 3 years old and change.  We had it tucked away in a cupboard for back up just in case one of our crazy expensive new ones got flushed down the toilet by the duo.  Anyways out of nowhere it started to grow and we’ve been watching it like my crazy mushroom experiment. We’re hoping it turns into an Apple tree.  We’ll see.  I wonder what would happen if you put it near a persimmon.

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