We Love our city! (Seattle with kids)


November 22, 2012 by admin

There are signs all over our city that Christmas is coming soon in Seattle.  We took the bus downtown the other evening and watched a bucket truck setting up the Christmas tree in front of Westlake Center.

Christmas in our city

The Macys’ star is all set to glow soon too.

Christmas celebrations in our city

We popped in at Nordstroms’ to give a hug to Jemma. (Yes, the boys have named this giraffe.)

Christmas celebrations in our city

And caught a bit of the best-kind of tv: the guys could sit and look at this for hours and you don’t even need to turn it on!

We chased it all down with a milk-tasting flight at Purple.  They have the most amazing kid’s menu.  I love their wine-list but for kids they have a milk tasting where they can try caramel, regular, strawberry and chocolate milk. (5 dollars) The kids were in heaven.  And they LOVED the salmon and kale.  (8 dollars)

A short walk-away the trees are all decorated inside at the Fairmont. (Remember this on cool rainy days in Seattle when you need something to do!) The boys checked out the naughty list and were shocked to find someone they knew on the list.  (Uh oh Auntie S, you only have a few weeks to make it right with the big guy!)

We’ll have to come back and see their Teddy Bear Suite.  I’ve heard it’s really fun! I love love love Christmas in Seattle.  It doesn’t get much better than this.

(PS. The Fairmont trees would make an awesome backdrop for your Holiday cards if you are looking for something festive.)


  1. Lynette says:

    Love how they named the giraffe!

  2. […] (We found this one outside the Splash store in Steveston BC Canda, which by the way has a great play table and awesome toys if you need a place to stop in while you’re traveling with busy kids.  In Seattle, there’s a plastic/stone? Santa with a nice/naughty list inside the Fairmont hotel) […]

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