Thanksgiving Events I’m thankful for in Seattle

Shopping for thanksgiving decorations
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After a weekend like this, is your pie plate half empty or half full?

Over here, we’re thankful for a weekend of good food, loved ones, a little bit of shopping and total holiday spirit-we are oh so lucky in Seattle that we have such fun and festive things this time of year.  I used to be a big Black Friday celebrator, but now the big event is busing downtown with the duo and surviving the parade.  This year we made it through the whole thing, scored TWO Frangos and stayed relatively dry during a two-hour torrential downpour. (I never realized how important waterproof pants were before I had boys!  Thank you REI!)

Thanksgiving events in seattleThanksgiving events in seattle

We even ventured back downtown again in the evening to watch the Macy’s star light up.  I think the downtown Westlake Center tree/Macys’ star-lighting is definitely one of my favorite Seattle holiday events.  (I can’t wait to go back to Pacific Place to see the snow fall too!)

Our tradition at Christmas Creek continued this year and this time it was sunny and gorgeous.

Thanksgiving events in seattle

We rode the hay-ride.

Got our George’s cookies. (I look forward to the sprinkle trees every year.  The boys love the m and m ones.  So of course we have to get both.)

And visited with the dearest Santa we’ve ever met.

The guys even helped with the tree this year.

And we capped the weekend off with a visit to Bellevue’s Snowflake lane and now the guys want to drum on everything.  I’m a bit tempted to help them fulfill these dreams….(do I dare?  Does anyone own this drumset?  Will it kill my ears????)

But after a weekend like this, the one thing not hurting my ears is the soft fall of ornaments from the tree because the duo helped out. Like a couple minutes ago.  Clunk.  Another one bites the dust.  Thank goodness we’ve learned not to put glass ones on there anymore.

Pie plate, definitely half-full.  (At least until breakfast tomorrow.)  Hope you all had a wonderful holiday weekend, and thank you so much for stopping by!

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