almost 30 things I’m thankful for on the 30th


November 30, 2012 by admin

I know people have been blogging something they’re thankful for every day for the past month.  I’m more of a do it in a one whole big sha-bang kind of girl. So here’s my almost-thirty:

1. Birthday Dreams.  November is my birthday month so when I found this organization that brings birthday parties to homeless children in the Seattle-area I was so excited.  The other night I baked twenty cupcakes for a Madagascar-themed party and it felt so fulfilling that someone might have a better day because of something I helped make.  And the boys helped me get the supplies and I thought it’s a cool way to get them thinking about other people too.  If you have party supplies or can bake or just love parties and want to help out, I totally suggest you check this place out.

white cupcakes with yellow sprinklesphoto(275)

2. The whole recipe database I can find on my computer via the interwebs.  This month I found two awesome salads: an arugala, potato and bean salad from Smitten Kitchen and a farro cranberry salad that made me look like I was a cooking genius.

3. I gave Amazon Fresh another try this month and I’ve loved it.  I’ve been ordering Gretchen‘s sandwiches, A la mode pies, Samurai Ramen and my favorite tea from Delaurenti and it just shows up at my door.  My neighbor has been raving about La Spiga too and so I tried their flatbread sandwich and panna cotta from Amazon Fresh and it was delicious!

4. Walking to school.  As long as it doesn’t rain, we’ve walked to school and it’s so nice to get that extra little bit of exercise in.  It even helps me go for a run when I don’t really want to.

5. Farm School.  If you have a kid who loves animals you need to get them to the farm. The classes are awesome and Farmer Jayne is amazing.

6.  Helmets.  I love you.  I would put you on my kids all the time if I could.


7. Iceland, or more specifically puffins.  I’m trying to convince the hubby we need to go to Iceland.  Any support you can add for this cause would be greatly appreciated.

8. Sloth videos.  I seriously can’t get enough of my animal friends from Costa Rica.

9. My hubby’s patience.  I almost set the house on fire the other day because I cooked a trivet by accident.  He smelled the burning trivet, peeked in the oven and told me that I probably should take that out if I wasn’t intending to cook it.

10.  This is a ditto for the number above.  After swimming I threw all the swimming stuff in the washer/dryer.  I didn’t realize that included a bottle of the kids’ shampoo.  Ooops.

11.  The boys of course.  Every day.  I can’t be thankful enough.  (And they do such funny things!  This is a pumpkin train.  With real pumpkins!)


12. Tom Douglas’ pumpkin pie recipe.  This baby is awesome.

13. Gifts that give back.  I’m totally excited about this scarf company I found out about that gives sustainable business to women in Africa.  The stories just give me chills and as an avid consumer, it’s making me think about how I shop and for that I’m truly thankful.  (Thank you CoolMomPicks!)

14.  Passports with Purpose.  It’s a blogging fundraiser by travel bloggers that gives to different organizations ever year: this year’s cause is  For 10 dollars you give a donation and have a chance of winning very cool prizes.  Let’s just say it has way better odds than the Powerball and you can feel so much better knowing how much your contribution helps out.

15.  Puppies.  Specifically one named Jonathan. I’m going to be a dog-aunt to a beautiful brown and white spotted dog.  I adore him already.

16.  Pinterest.  Even when the projects don’t look as pretty when the kids and I make them as they do on the site, I love that somehow I thought I could do them and tried.


17.  Family and Friends.  We’ll pretend I name you all here and I know that will get me to thirty.  I love you all so much and I’m so lucky for you this month and always.

Good Bye November, til Next Year.  Anyone still need an advent calendar?  (This one is printable and free!)


  1. I love your idea of putting everything in one post. They’re certainly all wonderful things to be thankful for. Doing it everyday makes you forget the earlier ones. Nov. is my bday month too 🙂 Belated Happy Bday! I have some Iceland posts if that can help inspire your hubby. It’s a beautiful country and we did the puffin tour(awesome!). That post is in the works for sometime this month. You’re lucky to have all those Icelandair specials from Seattle so I hope you get to go next year.

    • eckids says:

      Oh Mary! You are so sweet for supporting the Iceland cause! I can’t wait to read your post:) So glad you’re a November birthday too! (And happy belated!)

  2. Lynette says:

    This is a great list! I love how you were able to find such great causes and ways to give! We are always looking for ways to give back. Im reblogging to share!

  3. Lynette says:

    Reblogged this on Momisms – Moments in Motherhood and commented:
    I love this list! So many great ideas for helping others and around Seattle!

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