Coal, Kale Chips and some cute cards at Trader Joe’s

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Oh, I love coal at Christmas time! Trader Joe’s has such cool-looking coal and this one seems like it might even taste good-I wonder who on my naughty list is going to get to try it?  (Btw Is coal becoming obsolete?  You’d think Santa would start threatening old cell phone batteries or giant unusable computer monitors by now?)

Trader Joe's Coal

Trader Joe’s also has salted caramel chai which hopefully I’ll get to sip while I sit in front of the fire on one of these rainy nights.  Does anyone else just naively think they’re going to “run in” for some basic groceries and then end up with baskets full of random things you never expected you were going to buy???

Trader Joe's Chai
Last night while I unpacked the whole Trader Joe’s store in my kitchen, I gave the littles some kale to wash, rip and dry.

Kale chips with kids

After that they painted it with olive oil.  (Trader Joe’s kale is my favorite for kale chips because it comes pre-washed.  I do love kale but I’ve had SO many really buggy ones….)


Add a little salt then bake it on parchment at 350 degrees for 10-15 minutes or until they look crispy.  Entertainment and yummy chips to boot.


Just enough time for me to finish unpacking and look through these cards I found at Fireworks this week.

Anyone else have any really good TJ’s finds this week? Or maybe just shopping finds in general.  You know how I do love fun things to shop for!

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