Two super-easy yummy things

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Do I dare tell you what my best timesaver is going to be the week the kids go back to school in the New Year?  I love these Foodles I found on Amazonfresh but I can’t seem to find them anywhere else.  Maybe we can create a demand?


They would be so easy to make, but my guys just think these taste better because of the Mickey Ears.  I’m definitely putting an order in for when the boys go back to school. (I usually slip in a half a sun-flower butter sandwich or a yogurt just in case they’re super-hungry.)

I also learned how to make turtles over Christmas, and though this isn’t a lunch food its something I’m going to keep in my repertoire for an easy dessert because they’re yummy.  I burnt the pecans I was going to use, so I used cashews instead.  You need 5 for each turtle and I lay them out on parchment paper.


Then I took those square wrapped caramels and melted them in the microwave with a dash of water ( I think it’s about 1.5 caramels for each turtle.)  I put a spoonful on each of the cashew clumps. Then I melted a dark chocolate bar and drizzled it on top and bedazzled the whole lot with festive m and m’s.  These turtles could turn pastel for Easter, orange and black for Halloween or school colors for graduation. (Or naked.  They’re fabulous that way too.) Easy, faux-made homemade treat. It’s not healthy, but I think it’s gluten-free and it has protein from the nuts, so maybe it’s better than just eating frosting.


I’m hoping to find more time-savers for the New Year!  Please send them my way if you find some!

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  1. The Foodles is really cute. But I’ll bet there is a cute bento-style box out there somewhere that is shaped like this. I did an initial search but didn’t come up with anything really… I’m sure there is one out there! I trust that you, Oh Queen Of Internet Retail, can find one!

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