Delightful food finds in Vancouver BC

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A long time ago, I’d return to the motherland on a quest to find ketchup chips, Smarties and Mackintosh Toffee: grocery store treats from my childhood that just can’t find their way south of the border.


But now, with kids in tow my time for food sleuthing is short and I have to be a little more selective and purposeful in my food missions.  This past trip I was in pursuit of some Earnest Ice Cream. Unfortunately, I started my quest on Boxing Day when almost EVERYTHING seemed to be closed.  We drove by Edible Canada on Granville Island and it was all barred up.  We went by a cute little food store called Woodland Smokehouse that was supposed to carry it.  CLOSED CLOSED CLOSED.  So I gave up.  And then I drove by a little bakery that I’d never seen before.  Beaucoup Bakery.

And this was love at first site.


I bought a little box of pastries: some savory, some sweet.  A cheese scone, a marcona almond bar, some petite pain au chocolates and this beautiful apple-something-delight.


A few days later I realized the lovely new Beaucoup Bakery also lives very near my favorite little coffee places Elysian Coffee (thanks to S at casualbaker).  It’s practically right around the corner.


But I didn’t realize that this sweet little coffee store also makes their own muffins and treats onsite.  (I didn’t get any pastries this trip, but I do know from previous experience that they are yummy.  Especially their cookies.)  So now this whole area is going to be a bit of a pastry conundrum for me.


And I did eventually find my Earnest Ice Cream at Edible Canada.  I even got a lovely market adventure and dinner to boot.  (If you dine in the restaurant you get 10% off your store purchases.  I am oh so tempted to buy this pricey Noble Syrup next time.  I got a little sample and definitely swooned.)  I  also can’t sing praises about the kids meals at Edible Canada enough.  One of the boys ordered fish and chips.  It was an amazing piece of salmon and the fries were too tempting not to steal.


And we had such a lovely meal because the boys were well-behaved.  We made sure to pre-bribe them with a walk through the market and an adventure on the Aquabus.


While I made a mental note for our next visit to stop by this pie stall in the market that I used to go to back in my university days.  (Long before pie became re-cool.)



And because the boys were so exhausted from our fun Granville Island adventure they fell asleep before we brought out the ice cream.  The poor hubby and I had to eat the salted caramel decadence all by ourselves.


(Oh and PS. it’s worth the adventure.  This ice cream is definitely seriously good.  And oh my goodness, how cute is eating ice cream out of a jar?  We’ll just need to repeat this adventure so my guys can try the chocolate, because that looked pretty amazing too.)

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