Dessert Thali (Poppy, Seattle Wa)

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January 9, 2013 by admin

Maybe 2013 is the year for food in this household, because we’ve been eating around Seattle the last week and a bit like we’re on vacation and it’s been lovely.

Perhaps our best meal happened when we popped into Poppy, (aka best Northwest Cuisine 2012 according to Seattle Magazine) because it made another important local list: Fine Dining with Kids on Red Tricycle.  I phoned ahead because a comment on that list made me wonder if it was actually kid-friendly and I was told kids were definitely welcome.  ( I even noticed two high chairs when we arrived!)

The food has complex tastes and might be a little overwhelming for little palates but the restaurant was quite accommodating and even simplified a kale and mushroom noodle appetizer down to an order of butter noodles.  The guys were very happy sampling a bit of our thalis while gorging on their simple dish.


I think the highlight for the kids was when the dessert thali arrived.  One of the guys had insisted on the chocolate malt sundae and I had my heart set on a matcha Japanese cheesecake.  The dessert thali option came with everything we wanted and more and I think it vanished in seconds.


And now the guys want to go back.  They even rated it better than the “pasta restaurant” which is their gold standard, so accolades all around for Poppy and I know we’ll definitely head there again.

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