Dot and Ziggy at the Seattle Children’s Theatre-a review


January 21, 2013 by admin


The boys’ first play was the Green Sheep years ago at the Children’s Theatre in Seattle and we’ve been going to the theatre ever since.  Dot and Ziggy is such a sweet little play and it reminded me a lot of how the Green Sheep play was acted.  I think it’s rated 0-4 years and since my guys were at the top-end of the age range I wasn’t sure how they would find this play, but they loved it.  It’s not a conventional sit in your seats type of play: it didn’t even take place in the theatre but on a set of mats in the well-lit lobby making it perfect for the 4 and under (maybe even scared of the dark) set.  I loved how the kids could participate as much or as little as they wanted and the underlying message was clear: we can be friends and like different things and we need to learn to share.  There is so much interaction: water squirts, bubbles blow, the characters cartwheel rhyme and dance and the music is whimsical and familiar.  I even saw many adults’ eyes light up as their own fingers wiggled through rainbow streamers.  It was a delightful, casual, 40-ish minute activity and I can’t imagine a more magical way to spend an afternoon with a special little one.
(PS. it’s on until February 24th, 2013 at the Seattle Children’s Theatre!)

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  1. eckids says:

    If you’re looking for discount tickets, there are some on Goldstar for 10 dollars. They are only for select days, but it might be worth a shot:

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