Number two dog poo incident of 2013

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I meant it as a joke when I said I’d tally the dog-poos of the year, but now we’re actually at three.  But the third poo is probably from another animal at the farm, maybe goat or sheep and not technically dog poo that made its way under my shoe so I’m not sure it counts.  The second though was the sneakiest.  The boys’ school got put on lock-down because of an ARMED robbery in the area just before I went to pick them up, so I waited a bit until my nerves got the best of me then I drove as near as I could to wait.  Luckily another mom-friend was there too so she jumped in the van so we could chat.  And that’s where the poo attack came.  Little did we know I’d parked next to the biggest dog dump I’ve ever seen in my life and my poor friend’s poo-mahs were totally victimized.  Oh the horror.  So now we’re three weeks in and three weeks of poo.  I’m wondering if the universe is trying to tell me something about this year?
So here are some other not-poo filled things we’ve done this past month to counteract this bad-luck:

We rode across the new pedestrian/bike bridge over Elliott Street.  This is such a gorgeous ride and the hubby has become a biker so we’re trying to get onboard as a family.


We stopped in at the Pacific Science Center for the model train festival and it seemed like it was even bigger this year than last.  They had train rides from the Country Village conductor (and now the boys are telling me we need to go there again!) and the biggest Playmobil train exhibit I’ve ever seen.  I heard that if you like train exhibits like this you might like to check out this event near Seattle on Superbowl weekend.




The guys also liked the new Wellbody exhibit at the Science Center.  They pretended this amazing food calorie counter was the sushi conveyer belt from their favorite Blue C.


We hopped on the ferry to Bainbridge Island and visited Mora Ice Creamery on a day the yummy ice cream was probably warmer than the cold air outside.


And came back to the mainland to our favorite Woodland Park Zoo where we drove a tractor and watched a duck taunting some penguins in the sunshine.  We were also chased by squirrels for our popcorn which we had no intention of feeding them.  I think they’ve had some before or something because as soon as I took the bag out of my purse they surrounded us and I thought we were going to get attacked.




I’ve also been wearing these slippers my mom made me for Christmas and since I’m never wearing them outside, they are guaranteed safe.


So I’m crossing my fingers and hoping this is going to be lucky week 4. I’ll definitely do my best to buck the trend.  Hope you have a lovely and poo-free weekend too!

3 thoughts on “Number two dog poo incident of 2013

  1. I love these slippers!!!!! I wear them every day-it’s been so cold in my basement office.

    I won’t wear mine outside, either.

    Thanks, Fran.

    PS-I’m pretty squeamish about #2, too. Do you think there’s a DNA problem?

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