No bake afterschool Monday cookies

things you can make with toddlers
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No-bake cookies   Oh Monday-remember when you were all about just going back to school and talking about the weekend with friends, after-school snacks, and chatting over homework? There are some days I wish I could just wave a twinkly wand and go back to those days.  When I was little my best friend S had a magical kitchen of goodies that was oh so perfect for after-school snacks.  You know all the things we all drool about on Pinterest?  I think a lot of them were born in that kitchen.  One day S showed me how to make no-bake cookies.  Yes, cookies that don’t need an oven.  (I had a few problems with ovens when I was younger.)

You didn’t need eggs.  (so it’s perfect if you make it with kids.  Especially if you like to lick the bowl.)

No-bake cookies with kids

And amazingly for some of you-I think it’s even gluten-free.  Especially if you find these oats, that say “definitely gluten free”


But not peanut-free.  I’m curious now though if almond butter or maybe even NUTELLA might work…..

I’m not sure if this is the exact recipe but it was yummy like a healthier oatier version of a chocolate peanut butter cup and it brought me back to my youth (sans awful glasses and ridiculous hair).  You need things like butter, cocoa, oats, milk and sugar.

No-bake cookies

And with a few stirs on the stove, scoops on a pan and a bit of chill time you have a yummy and maybe somewhat nutritious delight.  (Dare I call them energy bars?  At least they’re full of oats, right?) One that I’m thankful to share with my little guys when they get home from school.  I’m hoping to somehow make that magic kitchen happen here.  (Thank you S, W and Mrs L. for so many lovely memories.  And S I’m so excited to bake again with you soon!)

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