Winter-themed one year old party and a really cool idea

winterfest at seattle center
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I’ve been meaning to post this one for so long.  My friend Sandee is super-creative so when her little guy turned one she put together a fabulous party at her gorgeous home.  I loved the red, white and turquoise color-theme which is perfect for December parties.

Winter themed one-year old party

I absolutely loved the cake table.  The guys were mesmerized by the chocolate fountain: if they could have put their hands and face in it, they would have been in absolute heaven.  The little penguins and bears on the cake were too cute!

Winter themed one year old party

And I thought the make your own hot chocolate station was such a great idea.  There were even little toppings you could use to customize your cup.  I think this would be neat even at a grown-up party.

Hot chocolate toppings at a one year old party

And I’ve always wanted to get the guys a caricature at the fairs and festivals we’ve seen them at but we’ve actually never done it.  So it was so cool that she hired one of these artists to do a ‘photobooth’ at her party.  The boys were a little unsure while they sat and posed, but thought the picture was so neat when it was done.  What a seriously cool party favor.

One year old party winter themed

Caricature at party

But my favorite favor?  I actually got a picture with my bestie!  One of the saddest things I’ve noticed since becoming a mom is that I always have photos of my kids and my friends’ kids, but I never have photos with me and MY friends.  So I’m definitely going to make an effort this year.  Thanks Sandee for such a lovely party!  (And so glad I have you on speed-dial for when I plan my next event!)














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