Travel Tips Tuesday: pack a bunch of samples


February 5, 2013 by admin

You know how I love me a good makeup subscription service (Hello Birchbox!) or Sephora because I get a bunch of samples with every order.  Well there’s definitely a good reason for this. Every trip we go on, I grab a handful, stick it in a big zippy bag and stuff it in my suitcase. photo(502)

Then the game is to try to use as many beauty supplies as possible on the trip and because I’m on vacation I tend to actually take my time and read all the directions.  I also don’t ever have any spills in my suitcase and it’s so fun to pretend I have my own travel spa.

My current favorite from the bag: this Deborah Lippman “The stripper to go” because I usually try to get a manicure before I leave on a trip and I usually bash it up a couple days in and I don’t want to buy a whole bottle of remover.


Anyone else have any great travel size products?

(PS, if you like this tip or need more tips or even have some of your own please check out Walkingontravels or Suitcasesandsippycups because that’s where we link up:)


  1. Love this tip. I too just travel with samples! No need to take up space with a bunch of full size bottles unless you really need to 🙂

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