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February 10, 2013 by admin


Aside from kid-centered crafts, I don’t really make things.  I try to, but then I get all excited about the shopping for the stuff I’m making that I end up with a whole pile of cool crafting stuff and then I run out of steam.  Sometimes I put it in a box to make it look organized but then years later I still have a whole box of “felt-animal crafting” or “learn-to-sew” stuff peering down at me from the back of the closet.  So when Lyndsey from The Stationery Place organized a handmade Valentine’s card exchange, I couldn’t help but get excited.  This was a craft with a purpose and a deadline so it was totally something I could do.  I stopped at Impress and Paper Source and came home with stamp pads, washi tape and cute little papers and envelopes.  I noticed that Assemble Shop online was having a sale so I ordered the cutest recipe-themed stamps.  I thought I was going to make some kind of card with a recipe theme: what better way to get to know people you don’t know, right?



Only, I didn’t get my act together before I went away on vacation with my family.  And so this craft ended up in my suitcase.


And when I got to my destination I thought about my friends back at home and what I like most about hanging out with them.  And sometimes, all we do is just chat over a big cup of tea.  So my recipe theme changed a bit.  I even stopped at a local grocery store and slipped in a bag of tea in each one.




It was so peaceful crafting on a patio overlooking palm trees and water, I even mailed them before the deadline.  I might just get into this crafting thing.

(Mahalo Lyndsey!  I hope you have a fantastic time when you go on your vacation too!)




  1. Auntie P says:

    I love the word, “Mahalo.”

  2. Love, love, LOVE this idea! So cool.

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