Another reason to keep your toilet paper tubes (a Toobalink Review)


February 11, 2013 by admin

If any of you are in the middle of potty training your kids, you’re probably going through a ton of toilet paper rolls right now.  Every so often I even still find a whole toilet roll totally unwound because some over-exuberant toilet dweller has decided to gleefully unwrap one while he went about his business.  But, if you aren’t going to save those rolls to make lovely Christmas crackers for your holiday table, you might want to use them with a new toy called “Toobalinks“.  I was absolutely thrilled when they sent me some to review!


We were in the middle of packing for a trip, but the guys were too excited to try them out.  So I let them and I had a delightful hour of packing to myself.  (Thank you thank you thank you!)photo(516)
They built an airplane.


And a helicopter.


I helped them attach the helicopter to a box and the whole box became a prop-plane.


And if you, like me, loathe noisy toys that clang and bang for no reason, you’ll appreciate that the only sounds these Toobalinks make come from your kids as they imagine a propeller whirring, or people getting in and out of a plane with no plastic windows.  (I can see them getting more creative and drawing them on the tubes in the future.  Oh how I love toys that make kids think and pretend!)

So when we get back from our trip I am going to save my paper towels so they can make forts.  Apparently the Seattle Children’s Museum also has a new fort-making exhibit, so I think that might help inspire them too. But for now, I’m so excited that this new toy seems to have a very small environmental footprint (it feels like it’s made of the stuff so many of the toys we buy are packaged IN) and I hope we can help with the over 50 million tubes that are thrown out everyday by keeping ours a little longer.

(PS. I did receive a Toobalink product for review but I was not required to write a review and the ideas here are of course my own because I only like to tell you about the things I really love.)

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  1. wl says:

    These things look really cool. Great idea for reusing items that usually quickly get thrown away or recycled, I’ll have to check them out.

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