Most Romantic Resort with kids in Maui (Napili Kai Beach Resort, Maui)

snorkeling with kids in maui
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Last summer I went to a Maui tourism event and I was intrigued by a resort called Napili Kai. They were really proud of the fact that they didn’t nickel and dime their guests with hidden costs like resort or parking fees.  When you stayed with them, you were supposed to feel like family.

Lobby at Napili Kai Beach Resort

Fast forward to last week when my family spent a few nights as guests at the Napili Kai Beach Resort  From the moment we checked in to when we stepped into our exquisitely gorgeous ocean-front room we felt something magical at this place.

Kids at Napili Kai Beach Resort

Visiting Napili Kai Beach Resort in Maui


Once we got here all we wanted do was head to the beach to play.  It was nice that we weren’t in a big, high-rise hotel.  We could just walk a short flight of stairs to the beach path.

Visiting Napili Kai Beach resort in Maui

I talked with Diane, their Director of Guest Operations and she said a lot of their guests were repeat customers.  Sure enough, when our guys started playing with another kid on the beach I found out that this was his family’s 4th visit.  So what is so neat about this place?
Time just stops.



And you think about the people you love and how magical it is to be in such a gorgeous place having so much fun together.


There are lots of smiling people around you.  And it makes you smile too.  Sweet auntie Lorene in the activity center greeted us daily with smiles and happy banter.   She helped me arrange a paddle board rental and showed me that there was a place to lock it at the resort too.  All I did was call 808 boards and within about 15 minutes a guy showed up with a board.  (It was 45 dollars for 24 hours.)


I love that Lorene had a photo board of past guests in her office and that she talked so fondly of guests that had come there as babies and are now teenagers.  It made me think about how lovely it must be to come back year after year.


There are neat little activities like a grown-up Mai Tai night or daily cultural presentations under a tent with free coffee, juice and pineapple samples.

And yes, you have kitchens in your room if you need to/want to cook.  But you probably won’t.  Breakfast at the Sea House, their restaurant is pretty reasonable and there were so many things we wanted to try on the menu.


Eating at Napili Kai Beach Resort

If you have kids and have to eat early as a family or if you want to cut down on food costs or if you just like to eat and drink then the happy hour at the Sea House is pretty phenomenal too. (During our trip there was a promotion at the resort that kids eat free with a grownup entree which was pretty sweet too.)

The pool right below our room was a definite highlight for the kids.  We only went in once because we were on the beach most of our stay but the guys loved that it was there.

Pool at Napili Kai Beach Resort with kids

And we went to a slack key guitar concert and I’m now totally addicted to the haunting sounds of this beautiful Hawaiian music.  I might even have the “Slack Key Lullaby Radio” Channel playing on Pandora right now.


We played a family game of golf which digressed into two boys playing golf while the hubby and I sat together and enjoyed the moment.



We explored tide pools.  And snorkeled in the clear water around the resort.

We watched their keiki hula show that is put on by the Napili Kai Foundation on Tuesdays nights and found out it will actually be coming to Washington in a few months.

And each night we watched whales from our lanai while we surfed the net with our free wi-fi because even in a tropical paradise with beautiful sunsets I’d probably still die if you unplugged me from the internet.


I would call this the most romantic place in Hawaii you can enjoy with kids.
And in the summer they even have a kids’ club for the 6+ group.


I hope we can go back one day. (I put the Napili Kai Beach Resort on my love list because this was definitely a vacation to cherish.)

(PS. Our family did receive accommodation at the resort and tickets to a Slack Key Guitar Show as guests of the resort, but we were not required to write this post and all ideas, photos and opinions here are mine.)

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    1. I think it’s like a 5-6 hour flight so it’s not too long. We usually do one that leaves Seattle around the guys bedtime so that the guys sleep on the plane and then wake up when we arrive for a little while, then go back to sleep so we can all sleep until a decent time. (They are earlier risers and Hawaii is 2 hours ahead.)

  1. I’ve never stayed in Napili. It looks beautiful. We did visit friends there. So beautiful. Is that where Vancouver’s former mayor stayed? 🙂

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