When your kid’s huggie wants to snorkel


February 26, 2013 by admin

Maybe it’s because the guys had so much fun on their snorkeling tour in Hawaii (We went with Four Winds and it was amazing!) but something inspired the Bean and he wanted me to fashion a snorkel for his baby giraffe.

Thank goodness we eat a lot of noodles.



I punched a hole in both sides and added some twine.


And gave the Bean a straw.








Okay little giraffe.  Hope you have a fantastic snorkeling adventure.


(Minutes later I was scrounging for another pasta box for Leelee because, of course, you can’t go snorkeling alone.  Especially when you’re a twin.)


  1. Mrs. Jenny K says:

    How clever and creative!

  2. Melissa says:

    That is adorable!! You’re so creative!

  3. stephglaser says:

    Love it! And a Huggie should have a snorkel. This looks like something my son might do — he did make a ninja mask for his beanie ball. Thanks for sharing and thanks so much for following Travel Oops! Cheers, Steph.

  4. […] There is a steady stream of boxes that arrives at my door each week and I always love finding things I can make with them.  Sometimes we make cars.  Or forts.  Or airplanes. Or little swim goggles for our animal friends. […]

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