Best kids’ bathrooms in Seattle

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As much as I want to know about where to eat, where to sleep and what to do when we go on vacation, I totally also need to know where to take the kids when they need to go! We were in the midst of toilet-training when we first took the boys to Asia and we were always so thankful when we came across kid-friendly bathrooms in Hong Kong, Singapore and Tokyo-and for how clean so many of the bathrooms we went to were.  But it would have been so much easier had we actually known where these places were in advance.  And without getting too personal I’d love to hear all about the loos, washrooms and toilets of the world because that is probably the hardest thing to find in the three seconds you get when your kid squeals “I have to go pee!”

Here’s what I know about where to go with kids in Seattle so far.  If you’re toilet-training keep note because some of these places are the first places I’d probably venture out with when potty-training kids on the go.  (We used to drive around with a potty in the van making it a moving ginormous port-a-potty.  Maybe that is too much information but when potty-training twins, unless you have one with you, you will never leave your bathroom.)

1.) Old Spaghetti Factory on Elliot Avenue.  This is what inspired this list tonight.


We went for dinner there for the first time in ages and they must have recently installed this stall in their woman’s restroom-it’s even equipped with a sign:


Thank you thank you Spaghetti factory. It’s low enough my guys can actually stand up pee and it’s cool that you’re recognizing the needs of your littlest patrons.  (Airlines please take note.)

2) The Children’s Museum.  Yes, of course children’s museums should have kid-friendly bathrooms, but the Seattle Children’s Museum does a really good job in this category.  They even range from teeny little kid-sized toilets to bigger kids’ size toilets to grown-up toilets and it makes for a really great place to toilet train your kid.  You can spend the whole day there and even eat in the Armory upstairs and come back if you need to.

3) Land of Nod (University Village): as a twin momma with babies who rode in a ginormous ride, I really appreciated this bathroom because I could actually fit myself AND the double stroller in the bathroom with me which made it easy for ME to go to the bathroom when I went to Uvillage.

4) Westfield South Center Mall:  We went when this mall first remodeled and I couldn’t believe the tv’s in the family bathroom area and the easy areas for nursing.  I haven’t been in ages, but in my memory this is one of the plushest family bathrooms and one of the best bathrooms in the area.

5.) Ikea: they have stools for the kids to stand on to wash their hands and they have the hands free baby containment things in some of the stalls if you have a wee one in arms and need a place to put them.

6) Seattle Olympic Sculpture Park: this is one of the nicest, cleanest bathrooms I’ve seen in an open public area.  This bathroom is good for everyone.

This is definitely a running list that I will be updating.  Please let me know in the comments if you’ve seen any other awesome bathrooms in Seattle.


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  1. I’ve never really thought about the need for this, but you are so right! This is exactly the kind of information parents need when they are traveling! Thanks for sharing.

  2. We also travel with out twins. The fold down step stools by the sinks in the international terminal at DFW made my day. Seriously, sometimes it’s just the little things.

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